Symmslyde components

Symmetrisleep componentNameDescription
 velcro cut outFit the Receptor SheetStretchy velcro-like fitted sheet made to suit common mattress sizes
Now choose the next layer
 Symmetrikit 24 hour postural care airmantleAirmantleWashable air-permeable with Coolover temperature regulation and waterproof PU base
Wipe-down AirmantleWaterproof Polyurethane top and bottom with Omnitherm temperature regulation under the top layer
Now choose your sheets
symmetrikit 24 hour postural care bamboo sheetBamboo top sheetHighly wicking, super-soft fitted top sheets, available in varius sizes
 Vented sheetCoolover ventedAlternative to the bamboo, but with active temperature regulation and vented sides
You will need some brackets – they fit to the receptor under the top sheet and under the Airmantle
Symmetrisleep bed positioning small brackets 2Small BracketsNormally used wither side of the chest and possibly the head in supine-lying. A single bracket can fit in front of the tummy in side-lying
Symmetrisleep bed positioning medium bracketsMedium BracketsNormally used at the hips in supine-lying
 Symmetrisleep bed positioning large bracketLarge BracketsSupport the back and bottom in side-lying. Prevent the knees falling outwards or to one side (wind-sweeping) in supine-lying
 symmetrisleep bed positioning medium largebracketMedium/Large BracketsOur latest addition – for when the Large is just a bit too long
Now choose your accessories
 Symmetrikit bed positioning bracket padBracket padsFor extra softness or to protect the Coolover from velcro abrasion. Use where you just have the receptor and brackets with no Airmantle
 Symmetrikit 24 hour postural care pillows 2Lowzone PillowsA range of shapes and sizes to choose from, filled with visco-elastic foam
Symmetrikit 24 hour postural care soft knee blockSoft knee-blockNormally used above the knee, these provide good stability in supine. A range of sizes are available
 Symmetrikit Postural CAre soft knee blockRolling knee-blockAs above, but for use with Symmslyde or when turning
Symmetrikit 24 hour postural care side lying boardSide-Lying boardProvides great stability in side-lying. Also used in hygiene changes
 Side-Lying crumb bolsterAnother option for side-lying.
Symmslyde components
Photos coming soon: Symmslyde has a different receptor sheet, Airmantle and topsheets. All other components can be used with Symmslyde
Symmetrisleep – Infection control system
Symmetrisleep I.C for Infection Control – the ONLY system which meets NHS I.C Guidelines

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