Temperature Regulation

Effective temperature regulation is key to achieving comfort and skin integrity when in either seated or lying positions – but can often be overlooked when sourcing equipment as there are so many other factors to consider.

Most people are comfortable with their skin temperature between 33.3 and 33.6 degrees – a narrow margin. This can easily be affected by moulded seating, clothing, cushions, foams, sheets and bedding – especially for those with complex conditions or neurological problems.

Our ‘Micro-Climate’ (skin surface temp and humidity/skin surface moisture) – can be affected too by the ambient temperature, ambient humidity, exposure to air and contact with other surfaces.

As regulating temperature in bed can be particularly difficult for some, we have invested in the newest technologies to bring you ACTIVE temperature regulating fabrics – making temperature control in bed that little bit simpler!

Click or download Symmetrisleep temperature control Coolover and Symmetrisleep temperature control for more details


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