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Symmetrisleep Wall Charts

Implementing a 24 hour postural care programme can take time so we’ve introduced another tool to make it that little bit easier for therapists, carers and families.

With Symmetrisleep, we offer a complete package of support –

  • Free assessments and demonstrations with experienced Postural Care Advisors
  • Free Workshops for families and carers
  • Free College of O.T Accredited Postural Care training with a qualified Physio
  • Free set-up and follow-up visit after delivery 

and now – Symmetrisleep Wall Charts 

We understand there are sometimes many people involved in the delivery of a care programme – qualified healthcare professionals, carers, families etc.. so to help you communicate your clients’ needs to the rest of the team, and to help ensure consistency of care when using the Symmetrisleep system, we can now offer sticker charts as below:

Sticker selection

Sticker charts are available for all lying positions – Supine, Side-Lying, Semi-Side Lying and Prone

Just add the relevant ‘body’ to the base sheet and add Symmetrisleep components where required.

Sticker flex Supine blank Sticker reverse Sticker man - ALL

You can add all the main components, including brackets – and you can even see it from underneath!

Leave the sticker chart in a prominent place for all the care team to refer to if required.

View the sticker chart video

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