What is it, and what does it do?

Symmetrisleep provides relaxing in bed support for those who cannot maintain a comfortable position.  It is useful for those with complex needs, following surgery, for the elderly/clients with contractures – or for anyone who finds it difficult to maintain a comfortable, supported position in bed (day or night).

Symmetrisleep all

It can be used in supine, side-lying, prone or semi side-lying and works with any bed or mattress – even profiling beds or airflow mattresses.

Use of Symmetrisleep is central to 24 hour Postural Care programmes around the world and is the most widely used of any sleep system.

It is so popular because it can be introduced progressively to suit you and the user and can enhance both relaxation and care routines.

How does it work?

Symmetrisleep systems vary depending on the user – but all have the same basic components:

A velcro sheet, pressure relieving overmantle, some brackets and cushions – all topped off with a super-soft sheet.

With the soft, stretchy Velcro- like receptor sheet, a pressure relieving Airmantle and stretchy top sheet all in place on top of your mattress, you are ready to go!

Once you are on the bed, a carer can lift the edge of the top sheet and the Airmantle and pop in the brackets and any accessories, like pillows.

The brackets and the Airmantle form a custom-support tailored to your whole body –  from top to toe.

You feel supported but the system has enough freedom of movement so you don’t feel trapped and when you relax it takes you back to your supported position.

Below are some examples of typical set-ups:

Supine w.bracketsSupine - cushions under knees Supine position

Side lying w.brackets and cushionsSide lying w. cushions Side-lying position

Sitting - w.rolling kneeblockSitting - w.rolling kneeblock & sheetSitting position

Prone w.brackets and knee cushionsProne w.knee cushionsProne position

Special Features

After significant research and investment we can also offer Symmetrisleep with ACTIVE temperature regulation or a new Infection Control kit which meets all the NHS guidelines for infection control and is the only sleep system available meeting BS7175 COMBINATION Fire Regulations, Ignition sources 0,1 and 5

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